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Why Winter Golf Practice Sets You Up for Spring Success

As the leaves fall and the temperature dips, many golfers resign themselves to the couch, dreaming of warmer days on the green. But what if I told you that winter is actually the perfect time to sharpen your skills and emerge in the spring ready to dominate the course? Especially as at Kingsway we are […]

Winter Series – Virtual Golf

Kingsway Royston takes pride in offering a cutting-edge golf experience, and our Toptracer Driving Range is no exception. Equipped with advanced technology, Toptracer provides instant shot feedback, virtual golf courses, and even games that turn your practice into an immersive and enjoyable event. It’s not just about hitting balls; it’s about refining your skills with […]

Mastering Your Golf Swing with Toptracer’s Driving Challenge Feature

What is Toptracer? Before diving into the Driving Challenge feature, let’s understand what Toptracer is. Toptracer is a state-of-the-art ball-tracking technology based at our Kingsway Royston site that offers an immersive golf experience. It’s used to track the flight of your golf ball and provide you with valuable data and insights about your swing. One […]