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Why Winter Golf Practice Sets You Up for Spring Success

As the leaves fall and the temperature dips, many golfers resign themselves to the couch, dreaming of warmer days on the green. But what if I told you that winter is actually the perfect time to sharpen your skills and emerge in the spring ready to dominate the course? Especially as at Kingsway we are open all year round! Here’s why winter golf practice is very important!

Beat the Rush:

Forget crowded courses and long waits. Our courses and Ranges are often less busy, giving you ample space and time to focus on your game without distractions. It’s like having your own personal putting green!

Build a Strong Foundation:

When the pressure of competition is off, winter becomes the ideal time to work on fundamentals like grip, posture, and swing mechanics. With a dedicated coach like we have at both Royston or our Biggleswade sites, you can iron out any flaws and build a solid foundation for a smoother, more powerful swing come spring.

Strengthen Your Weaknesses:

Let’s be honest, we all have our nemesis on the course, be it chipping, sand saves, or driving accuracy. Winter golf offers the perfect opportunity to address these weaknesses head-on. Utilise our driving ranges to isolate and conquer your personal golfing demons.

Stay “In the Zone”:

Maintaining some level of practice over winter helps prevent your muscle memory from fading completely. Even a few sessions a month can keep your swing feeling familiar and your body accustomed to the movements, making the transition back to the course in spring much smoother.

Mental Advantage:

Let’s not forget the mental aspect! Consistent practice, even in the off-season, shows dedication and commitment to your game. This mental edge can translate into increased confidence and focus on the course, giving you a competitive advantage when the weather warms up.



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