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Improving Your Golf Game with Toptracer30

Welcome to this blog where we will be discussing how you can use Toptracer30 to improve your golf game during the winter season at Kingsway Royston. Toptracer30 is an innovative tool that offers valuable insights and analysis of your shots, helping you identify areas for improvement and enhance your overall performance on the golf course.

What is Toptracer30?

Toptracer30 is a comprehensive package that consists of 30 shots, including 9 drives and 21 approach shots. When you begin a game, you will be prompted to input a reference handicap. This handicap is used for comparison purposes throughout the game, enabling you to track your progress and assess your performance.

How Does it Work?

Toptracer30 utilises the Strokes Gain methodology, a widely recognised approach in golf analytics, to calculate how efficiently you move from point A to B. It measures your performance based on the difference in the number of strokes it takes you to complete a shot compared to the expected number of strokes for a player of your skill level.

The Benefits of Toptracer30

One of the major advantages of using Toptracer30 is the personalised insights it provides. After completing a session, you will receive a performance score, which gives you an overall measure of how well you performed. This score takes into account various factors, such as the accuracy and distance of your shots.

In addition, Toptracer30 provides you with valuable information on your fairway hit and greens hit percentages. These statistics are crucial in helping you identify areas of strength and weakness in your game. By hitting more fairways and greens, you increase your chances of scoring well and improving your overall performance.

Another useful feature of Toptracer30 is the detailed analysis it offers on your game. It highlights your strongest and weakest areas, giving you insight into where you need to focus your practice sessions. For example, if you consistently miss your drives to the left, Toptracer30 will alert you to this fact, allowing you to work on improving your accuracy and consistency.

The Winter Series

Did you know that this month is the Winter Series for Toptracer30? To make things even more exciting, there are three different prizes up for grabs. The top three performers will receive £50 range credit, £30 range credit, and £20 range credit respectively. To participate, simply visit the Kingsway Royston driving range, log in with your account, and have a go. Good luck!


In conclusion, Toptracer30 is an excellent tool for golfers looking to enhance their game during the winter season. By providing valuable insights, personalised analysis, and the opportunity to track your progress, Toptracer30 offers a unique and effective way to improve your golfing skills. So why wait? Visit your nearest Toptracer driving range, give it a try, and take your game to the next level.

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