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The Challenge of Hole Number Seven

Today we will be discussing Club selection and shot selection for hole number seven at the Melbourn Course at Kingsway Royston This par three hole measures 173 yards and features a triple tiered green with bunkers on the left and right. It is considered the hardest hole on the course, with a stroke index of one.

Understanding Club Selection

When approaching hole number seven, it is crucial to choose the right club to ensure a successful shot. The key consideration is to avoid going long, as there is a significant runoff at the back of the green. On the other hand, being short will result in a challenging uphill shot towards the green.

Playing the Shot

Considering the distance and the prevailing wind conditions, Mark Sturgess, the PGA professional golfer, recommends using a five iron instead of his usual six iron. The wind is coming from the right, so starting the shot towards the right-hand bunker and allowing the wind to drift the ball back towards the green is the ideal strategy.

Mark aims at the right-hand bunker. He decides to swing the five iron a little bit easier into the wind to prevent the ball from popping up. Mark executes a perfect shot, landing the ball on the middle tier of the green.

Approaching the Green

After hitting the shot, Mark repairs his pitch mark on the green, a practice that all golfers should follow to keep the greens in good condition. By positioning the ball on the middle tier, Mark has given himself a good chance for a birdie putt.

Before making the putt, it is essential to assess the line and the slope of the green. The green slopes towards the hole, so Mark takes note of this and adjusts his aim accordingly. He notices that the pin is significantly higher than the ball and realizes that the slope will slow the ball down.

Putting for Birdie

Mark takes a couple of practice strokes to get a feel for the distance. He then lines up his putt and makes sure to mark his ball before attempting to tap it in. It is crucial to have a clean line and a clear aim when putting from a short distance.

Mark decides to leave the pin in the hole, taking advantage of the new rule that allows players to putt without removing the pin. With a confident stroke, he sinks the putt for a birdie. Considering that hole number seven is the most challenging hole on the course, a four is a commendable score, even for handicapped golfers.

In Conclusion

Club selection and shot selection are vital aspects of successful golfing. On hole number seven at The Melbourn Course at Kingsway Royston, choosing the right club and executing the shot with precision can make a significant difference in your score. By understanding the challenges of the hole and adjusting your strategy accordingly, you can navigate the course with confidence and achieve impressive results.



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