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Golf Course Management Risk and Reward in Golf


Have you ever wondered whether it’s better to play it safe or take a risk when playing golf? In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of Golf Course Mangement risk and reward on the golf course. Today, we’ll be following two golfers, Charlie and Dean, as they navigate a challenging hole on the Melbourn Course  at Kingsway Royston.

The Hole

The hole in question is a par 4 with a total distance of 270 yards. It features a fairway lined with trees and a bunker strategically placed in the  middle. The green is located 240 yards away from the back tee straight over the tree, with a cluster of conifers standing at 170 yards. The challenge is to decide whether to lay up and play it safe or go for the green with a riskier shot.

Charlie’s Strategy: Playing it Safe

Charlie decides to take the safe route. He chooses a 7 iron and aims to lay it up just past the bunker, around 170 yards from the tee. By doing so, he avoids the potential hazards of the conifers and sets himself up for an easier approach shot to the green.

Dean’s Strategy: Going for the Green

Dean, on the other hand, decides to take the risk and go for the green. He opts for a 3 iron and plans to hit it over the top of the conifers. In Golf Course Management, this shot requires more accuracy and distance, but if successful, it could put him in a prime position for a birdie opportunity. Golf Course Mangement is essential for shooting well and helping you lower your handicap.

The Reward of Going for the Green

When asked about the rewards of going for the green, Dean explains that hitting the ball over the trees and landing in the fairway gives him a clear shot to the green. It increases his chances of setting up a birdie opportunity. While there is a level of risk involved, the potential reward is worth it for experienced golfers like Dean and Golf Course Mangement.

Charlie’s Safe Approach

Charlie, on the other hand, values the predictability and consistency of laying up. By avoiding the potential hazards, he ensures a straightforward shot to the green. While he may sacrifice some distance, his approach shot still gives him a chance at par or better.

Evaluating the Results

As we watch the golfers execute their strategies, we can see the results unfold. Dean successfully clears the conifers and lands pin-high, setting up a putt for birdie. His risk paid off, showcasing the reward of going for the green. On the other hand, Charlie’s safe approach left him a bit short, resulting in a par putt. While he didn’t achieve the same reward as Dean, he’s still content with his safe play.


In golf, the decision to take risks or play it safe depends on various factors, including skill level, confidence, and understanding of the course. Both approaches have their merits and potential rewards. Whether you choose to go for the green or lay up, it’s important to assess the situation and make a decision based on your abilities and the potential outcomes.

Remember, golf is a game of strategy and precision. It’s about finding the balance between risk and reward to optimise your performance and enjoyment on the course. Next time you find yourself faced with a challenging hole, weigh your options and make a decision that aligns with your goals and abilities.

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