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Golf Course Mangement Different Types of Wedge Shot Selections

Welcome to our blog post where we explore various types of wedge shot selections that can help improve your golf game. Today, we have the pleasure of joining PGA professional Darren Scholes at Kingsway Royston Orchard Course. Darren will guide us through the process of Wedge Shot Selections and making the perfect shot. So, let’s dive in!

Knowing the Distance

When it comes to wedge shots, the first step is to accurately measure the distance to your target. Darren emphasizes the importance of knowing the exact number to the flag. To achieve this, he relies on his distance measuring device. This device plays a crucial role in his decision-making process for selecting the appropriate wedge.

During the video, Darren measures the distance to the blue flag, which turns out to be 68 yards. With this information, he confidently decides to use his 56° wedge for a 3/4 distance shot, which he knows is approximately 70 yards. It’s essential to have a positive mindset and commit to the chosen shot.

The Pre-Shot Routine

Prior to taking the shot, Darren shares his pre-shot routine. He focuses on developing a feel for the distance. At this stage, technique is not the primary concern; instead, he emphasizes speed. By aligning himself and trusting his feel, Darren prepares himself to hit the perfect shot.

With the pre-shot routine complete, it’s time to execute the shot and see the results.

Adjusting Ball Position for Different Trajectories

Darren demonstrates how adjusting the ball position can influence the trajectory of the shot. By positioning the ball differently, the ball flight can be higher or lower than the neutral trajectory which is important for different wedge shot selections.

For a lower ball flight, Darren pushes the ball back in his stance and leans it forward. This adjustment decreases the loft, resulting in a lower trajectory. On the other hand, to achieve a higher initial launch, Darren pushes the ball a bit forward while ensuring his hands are not too far behind. This adjustment increases the presented loft, allowing for a higher trajectory.

It is important to note that altering the ball position should be done with care and experimentation. By trying out different positions, golfers can discover the ideal trajectory for their shots.

Wedge Shot Selection: Shaft Angle Through Impact

A key insight from Darren focuses on the importance of the shaft angle during the pitching shot. To ensure a successful wedge shot, it is crucial to have a forward-leaning shaft at the point of impact. Scooping the ball should be avoided at all costs as it can lead to inconsistent shots.

To visualize the correct shaft angle, golfers should focus on keeping the shaft leaning forward as they turn through the shot. This technique ensures better control and more consistent results.



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