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Why Crazy Golf is the Perfect Family Adventure!

Mini golf is fun, but have you ever experienced the wacky, wonderful world of Jurassic Links Adventure golf? Ditch the traditional and embrace the outrageous, because crazy golf is about to become your family’s new favorite outing!

Here’s why:

Uniquely Themed Courses:

Forget flat greens and predictable obstacles. Crazy golf courses like our Jurassic Links Adventure Golf stepping into another world, with vibrant themes. Jurassic Links Adventure Golf is a prehistoric paradise designed to entertain and challenge golfers of all ages. Immerse yourself in a world of towering dinosaurs, cascading waterfalls, and challenging holes that wind through a landscape inspired by the Jurassic era. The possibilities are endless, providing endless entertainment and photo opportunities.

Fun for All Ages and Abilities:

No need to worry about skill levels here! Crazy golf & Adventure golf courses cater to everyone, from tiny tots wielding kid-sized putters to seasoned golfers looking for a twist. The wacky obstacles and unpredictable layouts keep things interesting for everyone, ensuring no one gets bored or frustrated. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the experience!

Laughter and Friendly Competition:

Get ready for giggles galore! The zany themes and unexpected challenges naturally lead to bursts of laughter and playful competition. Whether it’s Dad trying to navigate through our cave obstacle or little ones cheering each other on, the atmosphere is lighthearted and joyous. Remember, the lowest score isn’t everything (although bragging rights are always fun!).

More Than Just Putting:

It’s not just about sinking putts – crazy golf throws in unexpected elements to keep things exciting. Ramps, Dinosaurs, moving parts, and even water hazards add a layer of challenge and surprise. You never know what you’ll encounter next, making each hole a unique adventure.

Affordable Family Fun:

Compared to other activities, crazy golf offers great value for money. Our course is reasonably priced, making it a budget-friendly way to spend quality time with the family. Plus, We offer group discounts and family packages, making it even more affordable (See below). 



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