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Improving Your Irons Strikes This Winter

Improve you iron strikes this winter!

Golf Tips from Mark Sturgess Coaching

In the winter months, golfers face challenges due to the wet and muddy conditions. The ground becomes softer, making it difficult to strike the ball cleanly and achieve the desired distance. However, there are some adjustments you can make to improve your iron strikes during this time.

Choosing the Right Club

When selecting a club for your shot, consider going one club up from your usual distance. For example, if you would typically use an 8-iron to hit a distance of 140 yards, try using a 7-iron instead. This will help compensate for the wet conditions and ensure better ball striking.

Grip and Stance Adjustments

To gain more control over your shots, grip down the club slightly. This will allow for a shorter backswing, making it easier to maintain balance and strike the ball cleanly. Additionally, move the ball slightly back in your stance to ensure a ball-first contact.

Mastering the 3/4 Swing

Instead of making a full swing, try implementing a 3/4 swing. This shorter swing will help you compress the ball better, resulting in a crisper strike. By shortening your backswing and adjusting your grip and stance, you’ll have a greater chance of hitting the ball cleanly and achieving the desired distance.

Golf Coaching with Mark Sturgess Golf Coaching

If you’re looking for further assistance with your golf game, consider reaching out to Mark Sturgess Golf Coaching at Kingsway Royston. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, professional coaching can help improve your skills and enhance your overall performance on the course



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