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Improving Your Golf Putting: A Comprehensive Guide

In this blog, Darren Scholes, a PGA professional at Kingsway talks your thought his fundamentals to improving your golf putting.

Reading the Green; Essential for Golf putting

When reading the green, it’s important to pay attention to the slope. This will help you determine the direction in which the ball will break. Look for uphill or downhill slopes, as well as any left or right breaks. Take your time to assess the green before making your putt.

Some tips for reading the green include:

  • Walk around the green to get a sense of the slope and any breaks.
  • Visualise the path your ball will take based on the slope.
  • Use reference points, such as nearby trees or shadows, to gauge the slope.

By understanding the green, you can better plan your putt and increase your chances of success, which is essential for golf putting.

Aiming Your Putter

When aiming your putter, it’s important to align it with your read of the green. Place the putter behind the ball and aim it at the line you want the ball to start on. Ensure that your feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel to the putter aim to maintain proper alignment.

Visualise Your Aim

Use a reference point, such as a tee or a blade of grass, to help you visualize the line you want the ball to start on. This will assist you in aiming your putter accurately and consistently which all in all will improve your golf putting.

Stance and Alignment

Build your stance with your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to your putter aim. This will help ensure that your stroke follows the intended line and gives you the best chance of sinking the putt.

Perfecting Your Stroke

Once you have read the green and aimed your putter, it’s time to focus on perfecting your stroke. The mechanics of your stroke can greatly impact the success of your golf putting. Here are some tips to help you perfect your stroke:

Swing Parallel to the Body

It’s important to focus on swinging the putter parallel to your body. This will help ensure a straight and consistent stroke. Avoid excessive body movement and focus on a stable and still body while swinging the putter.

Use Your Shoulders, Hands, and Arms

When making your putting stroke, it’s crucial to utilize your shoulders, hands, and arms together as a unit. This coordinated effort will help provide a smooth and controlled stroke that increases your chances of sinking the putt.

Focus on Speed and Tempo

Speed is a critical aspect of putting. You want to give the ball enough power to reach the hole, but not be too aggressive that it overshoots. To achieve consistency in your stroke, focus on maintaining a steady tempo. Think of it like a metronome, with a consistent rhythm throughout your stroke.

Mastering Speed and Tempo

When it comes to putting, mastering speed and tempo is crucial for success on the green. Achieving the right speed and tempo can significantly impact the outcome of your putt. Here are some key points to keep in mind when focusing on speed and tempo:

Give the Ball a Chance

It’s important to give the ball enough power to reach the hole, but not be too aggressive that it overshoots. Finding the right balance in speed is essential for sinking those putts.

Consistent Tempo

Regardless of the length of your golf putting, maintaining a consistent tempo is key. Think of it like a metronome, with a steady rhythm throughout your stroke. This will help provide the stability and control needed for a successful putt.

Judging Speed

When judging speed, it’s important to have a feel for the green and the distance to the hole. Practice and experience will help you develop the judgment needed to adjust your speed based on the specific conditions of the green.



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