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Dial in at Kingsway Royston with Toptracer’s My Practice

Sunshine’s out, courses are calling, and it’s time to ditch the winter blues! But before you hit the fairway this summer, ensure your yardages are dialed in. Guessing distances can leave you frustrated, with mishits and dropped strokes marring your game. Fear not, golfers! Kingsway Royston’s Toptracer Driving Range is here to help you develop laser-sharp distance control with our amazing Toptracer’s My Practice feature.

Why Yardages Matter

Knowing exactly how far you hit each club is the foundation of smart course management. It allows you to:

    • Pick the perfect club: No more agonising between irons, wondering if you’ll clear the hazard or reach the green in two. Accurate yardages eliminate guesswork, letting you confidently choose the right club for the situation.
    • Save strokes: Ditch the costly miscalculations! Accurate distance control means you won’t lay up short of a reachable par 5 or fly the green on a tricky approach shot.
    • Boost confidence: Stepping up to the tee with a clear understanding of your abilities is a game-changer. You’ll approach each shot with confidence, knowing exactly what your swing can produce.

Kingsway Royston’s Toptracer’s My Practice: Your Yardage Guru

Kingsway Royston’s Toptracer goes beyond just a driving range. Their My Practice feature transforms your sessions into personalised distance clinics. Here’s how:

  • Track your shots: Hit a bucket of balls with Toptracer, and it will automatically track each shot’s distance, providing a wealth of data.
  • Identify trends: My Practice compiles your results, giving you your average yardage for each club. This eliminates outliers and gives you a realistic picture of your capabilities.
  • Monitor progress: Track your progress over time and see how your distances improve with practice. Use this valuable feedback to adjust your training and maximise results.


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